Welcome to the Reggae Maths website. This website is created by Curtis Dawkins to help and support all those who are looking to excel in Maths. I am delighted to be able to provide you with access to as much resources as possible dedicated to the encouragement of building on your mathematical skills.

I believe that education transforms lives and make a difference to the lives of students who are willing to work hard in class and also do their own independent learning at home. My love of maths allows me to research all available aids that can make learning enjoyable and change the stigma attached to Maths.


Every learner deserves the best that I can offer. All resources are provided for the enrichment of all students, to enable them to reach the highest level they can. I also believe that teachers need to work hard and show their passion by going the extra mile to make students appreciate the importance of maths in everyday life. This will have an impact on securing the knowledge and skills needed to help students become successful in all their Maths courses



Vision: ->To know, to love and to live Maths To develop the pupil's mathematical competency to the fullest.  


Mission Statement: ->To provide all pupils with an education in mathematics that will serve as part of a foundation for life-long learning and preparation for further education and employment. To improve the level of mathematical understanding throughout the school and local community. Increase the level of mathematical attainment for all pupils by providing opportunities for enjoyment in maths lessons. Establish an atmosphere of creativity and innovation in the maths department, school and the community at large.


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